Folding roller Heidelberg compatible Extra Grip soft PU/hard PU

Product number: UEG-F-HD-M
Product information "Folding roller Heidelberg compatible Extra Grip soft PU/hard PU"

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Important information for us would be the following:

Rollers in exchange?
We can offer our rollers more cheaply if we can take the old roller cores with us and reuse them when exchanging them.

What kind of coating would you like? Soft or hard PU?

Soft PU:
Soft-PU can be used for medium grammage and smooth paper.
For folding units with working widths from 70cm, Soft-PU is clearly recommended in the first folding unit due to its easy handling.

Hard PU:
The "all-rounder" is more suitable than the soft PU coating, especially for thin papers.
Thanks to the closed surface of the hard PU, you can easily clean it even if it is dirty.
Hard PU can be used for all grammages and papers.

size of the rollers?
Here we need the usual size of the roller.

We would be happy to offer you our rollers combined with a technician assignment.
In order to be able to calculate the offer as precisely as possible, we need the location.

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